(Re)discover the beauty of home.
Awe-inspiring floatplane scenic tours departing from Lake Macquarie.
Taking-off November 2020.

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Introducing Joy, the bright red floatplane.

The Plane

JOY, THE BRIGHT RED FLOATPLANE: Playful and bright, with the personality to match and the ability to “walk” on water, Joy has become quite a big deal around Lake Macquarie. Keep an eye out for Joy above Lake Mac and the coast. Joy loves to make kids smile, so don’t forget to wave!

Fancy a little extra excitement? Doors off flying is one of Joy’s unique talents. Available only when weather permits, doors off flying is a once in a lifetime opportunity to soar like a bird and connect directly with the elements, all from the comfort and safety of Joy the bright red floatplane.

Technically Speaking

– Aircraft Make: Joy is a Polish built Wilga 2000
– Engine: 300HP Lycoming IO540
– Propeller: 3 blade variable pitch Hartzell

Joy was originally designed for military reconnaissance and therefore, has great visibility. The design of the wing gives it superior shortfield performance, only requiring a 250 – 300m for normal take-off and far less from touchdown to taxi speed when landing, especially with Pilot Paul at the controls.

Joy’s wing design also provides a slow and stable cruise speed, making Joy the perfect aircraft for Lake Macquarie and the Hunter waterways.